Disease Management

disease management

In addition to providing patients with individualized vision solutions via contact lenses and glasses, our Doctors are also highly trained in eye disease management. We have the latest technology and knowledge to diagnose and manage ocular disease from a simple eye infection to a complex retinal case.

The latest piece of technology we have added to our practice is the Optovue OCT instrument. This is an Optical Coherence Tomographer that utilizes light to provide for an optical cross section of retinal tissue down to a resolution of 5 microns! This amazing device allows for identification and localization of retinal disease. It is especially useful with assessing macular degeneration and catching early conversion to the wet from of the disease. In addition, the device can image and calculate tissue thickness. This allows for the enhanced management of glaucoma patients as well.

We have never experienced such a profound breakthrough in eyecare technology as we have seen with the OCT. We are excited to be able to offer it as a valuable resource to our patients. It has already proven itself invaluable in diagnosing complex cases and aiding in the generation of more accurate and timely referrals to appropriate third-level specialists.

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