Specialty Contacts

We work with top manufacturers and specialty contact lens laboratories to be able to offer our patients a multitude of specialty contact lens designs for a variety of ocular conditions and lifestyle requirements. Our Doctors are highly skilled in rigid multifocal, scleral, ortho-k, front toric and bitoric designs.

We take pride in fitting difficult cases and we enjoy working to fulfill a patient's vision goals.

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We are excited to share with our patients a novel method by which to correct one's eyesight without eye surgery. It is called corneal refractive therapy (CRT) and involves the wearing of an individualized specialty contact lens at night while one sleeps. In the morning the contacts are removed and one can go about their day with corrected vision without the need for contacts or glasses.

We have many patients who are successfully correcting their vision with this unique method including one of our doctors. It works extremely well with kids giving them the opportunity for clear crisp vision without the need for glasses and provides better control for parents to monitor their child's wearing of a contact lens since it is only worn at night. Imagine eliminating the problems of lost contacts or broken glasses while the kids are at school.
How does it work? The lens worn at night is rigid and reshapes the front of the eye (cornea) while you sleep. In the morning when the lens is removed, the cornea maintains this new shape thereby correcting the vision.

Is it safe and healthy? We have always advised our patients not to sleep in contacts. This is one exception to that rule. These lenses are designed to be worn at night because they are made of a material which is extremely oxygen permeable. This allows the eye to obtain adequate levels of oxygen at night even with the contact in place. An argument could be made that CRT is a healthier way to wear a contact versus wearing contacts during the day. Typical overnight wear time is 6 to 8 hours where as most contacts worn during the day are in place an average of 16 hours.

CRT is does not create a permanent change. The lenses have to be worn on a nightly or every other night basis. If the results do not meet expectations the process is completely reversible and another form of vision correction can be undertaken.

Can anyone do this? At this time the CRT process is designed for nearsighted prescriptions in the range of -1.00D to -4.00D. Mild astigmatism up to -1.00D can also be addressed. There are various other factors that need to be evaluated to determine candidacy for CRT.

Our doctors are fully trained and certified to fit CRT lenses. If you have questions or are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for CRT please call our office at 303.986.5983

For more specific information on this exciting lens technology please visit www.paragoncrt.com
These lenses are very large diameter rigid contact lens designs (can be as big or larger than soft lenses!). They provide for unsurpassed comfort and optical clarity and are extremely useful in cases of keratoconus and post-refractive surgical corneas. We have also found that dry eye patients can benefit from these lenses as well. Our doctors have been fitting these lenses over the last few years and exciting results have been found. Ask us about this wonderful lens option and what it could do for you. Should you have interest in scleral lenses and want to find out more, please visit our secondary website dedicated to specialty lens designs: specialtycl.com

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